Italy President Sergio Mattarella, Michael Bloomberg Visit Talent Garden’s Turin Campus

Endeavor Entrepreneur Davide Dattoli led Italy President Sergio Mattarella, former Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg and a delegation of business and government leaders on a tour of the newest Talent Garden Campus in Turin, built in partnership with the Agnelli Foundation.

Talent Garden has 18 campuses in Italy and throughout Europe, and provides co-working spaces where technology, digital and creativity professionals can work, learn, and connect. The new campus, which opened June 20, will house up to 350 workers, including creative professionals, venture capital investors, researchers for the Agnelli Foundation and teachers involved in experimental programs.

Endeavor Entrepreneur Davide Dattoli (far right) leads a delegation of business and government leaders, including former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (center) on a tour of Talent Garden’s new Turin campus.

“We’ve been here in Turin for four years and have found the city an ideal ecosystem to boost innovation,” said Dattoli, CEO and Founder of Talent Garden. “Our campuses are not just coworking spaces, but a real ‘natural accelerator’ and a reference point for professionals and companies, within an international network of talented people who share the passion for innovation and digital.”

Between 2014 and 2016, Turin’s startup community has grown by 150 percent. The new Talent Garden space is uniquely innovative, using the Internet of Things to create a building where the technology is designed to enhance the occupants’ experiences working there. Equipped with hundreds of sensors that monitor different types of data, from location of occupants to temperature to availability of meeting rooms, the building responds to the movements of its occupants throughout the day.

Endeavor Entrepreneur and Talent Garden Founder and CEO Davide Dattoli shakes the hand of Italian President Sergio Mattarella during his visit to Talent Garden’s new campus in Turin.

The first company selected by Endeavor Italy, Talent Garden joined the Endeavor network in July 2016 at the 65th International Selection Panel in Bali, Indonesia. Since then, Endeavor has supported entrepreneur Davide Dattoli as Talent Garden has scaled through providing access to mentoring and potential partners, and co-investing in the company’s Series B round through Endeavor Catalyst, Endeavor’s innovative co-investment vehicle designed to support Endeavor Entrepreneurs with their equity financing rounds.