Remembering Khaled Bichara

The Endeavor network — entrepreneurs, mentors, board and team, in Egypt and globally — mourns the tragic loss of Khaled Bichara, a first believer and a founding Board Member of our organization in Egypt, an Endeavor Mentor, and a true role model whose entrepreneurial journey has inspired countless of founders in Egypt and beyond, and whose contributions as a mentor, investor and a boss have impacted the lives of many, many others.

Khaled Bichara

“As a founding board member of Endeavor, we’ll always be indebted to the role he played in championing our mission in Egypt in our early years, and to his continued support to our entrepreneurs from then on,” said Ayman Ismail, Chairman of Endeavor Egypt. “Khaled’s leadership has touched so many lives, and his entrepreneurial successes inspired an entire generation of founders,” added Ismail.

Indeed, individually and through enabling platforms like Endeavor, Khaled never spared an effort to lend his support to founders in Egypt; known by everyone who’s engaged with him for his principled, thoughtful, and strategic guidance that have paved way for the success of many companies around us today.

“Khaled was an amazing human being and true leader in every sense of the word. His legacy is defined by the people he inspired, the lives he touched, and the impact he left behind. And he did it with such humility and grace. I hold a few people in high regard for their work and life ethic. Khaled was one of them.” said Amr Shady one of the earlier selected Endeavor Entrepreneurs from Egypt who later joined the organization’s board of directors.

Everyone who worked and engaged with Khaled could see his actions driven by a pure and firm belief in the role that successful founders like him play in catalyzing real, meaningful change that goes on to create jobs and spur innovation tangibly contributing to economic growth. Khaled once said, “Supporting small and medium-sized businesses is one of the best ways to give back to this country,” when asked about the importance of mentoring young founders and entrepreneurs in Egypt.

And he lived up to this belief in every possible way.

As we bid farewell to Khaled, and pay our respects to his family, friends and loved ones, we also honor his legacy, a hallmark of Egypt’s evolving entrepreneurship story.

“He is a great loss to the entrepreneurship community. His legacy will live on for generations to come,” Shady added.