High-Impact Entrepreneurs Find Inspiration and Community Among Global Peers at Endeavor Outliers Event

High-impact entrepreneurs leading more than 30 companies from 19 growth markets around the world convened in San Francisco this May for the Endeavor Outliers event, an invite-only experience designed to offer the highest-growth entrepreneurs in Endeavor’s network experiences tailored to their stage of scale. The program, held May 3-4, included intimate gatherings with today’s top CEOs, and guided peer-to-peer conversations curated around company stage, industry outlook, leadership, and functional challenges — all designed to inspire, connect, and provide a platform for getting support from both peers and experts.

“Endeavor Outliers showcased what makes Endeavor’s network so unique, bringing founders together from across the world, and demonstrating the power of a truly open and borderless community. It was inspiring to see entrepreneurs from different countries and continents deeply connecting with each other over shared challenges and opportunities, and finding real community in their global peers,” reflected Endeavor Co-founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg.

Endeavor Entrepreneurs from 19 growth markets representing the top 5% of the Endeavor network gathered in San Francisco for the Endeavor Outliers event | Photo by Kieran Kesner for Endeavor

Now in its second year, Endeavor Outliers was launched out of the recognition that, even within a community like Endeavor’s of founders that have reached scale, challenges and support needs differ based on factors such as the speed or stage of growth — and with the goal of continuing to push all Endeavor Entrepreneurs, regardless of stage, to strive for more.

Today, Endeavor supports over 1,800 entrepreneurs in 35 growth markets around the world. The Endeavor Outliers event gathers the top 5% of Endeavor Entrepreneurs who are leading a company through extraordinary and consistent growth, and will have outsized influence on their local entrepreneurship ecosystem. This year’s event was attended by a diverse group of Endeavor Entrepreneurs, drawing some of the world’s highest-growth founders from markets spanning from Brazil to Turkey, and innovating across a wide variety of industries, including Fintech, Healthcare, Education, SaaS, Food & Beverage and more — all united by notable growth and impact.

“Endeavor was founded on the belief that, with access to the right resources, any entrepreneur, from anywhere, can launch an idea, take it to scale, and multiply their impact on their local community by paying their success forward to the next generation of founders,” Rottenberg said. “As Endeavor’s network of entrepreneurs has grown, we knew we had a unique opportunity to recognize and provide tailored support to those at later stages, while encouraging these outstanding founders in our community to be global role models.”

Pascal Finette spoke to Endeavor Outliers attendees about exponential disruption | Photo by Kieran Kesner for Endeavor

Highlights of the event included a talk from Pascal Finette of Radical Ventures and Singularity University on “Disruption, Dystopia and Decisions: From Exponential Disruption to Global Impact,” a thought-provoking lesson on how entrepreneurs can positively shape the future. Attendees also had the opportunity to attend an intimate, closed-door session with Endeavor CEO Linda Rottenberg, during which she shared her own entrepreneurial journey, and successes and challenges as a founder and leader; a fireside chat with Endeavor Global Chairman Edgar Bronfman Jr. and Rajeev Singh of Accolade; and a discussion with Harvard Business School Professor Lynda Applegate, where she shared the findings of the new HBS case study on Endeavor’s growth over two decades.

Executive coaches including Punit Aggarwal and John Hamm also facilitated peer roundtable discussions focused on leadership and growth challenges such as thinking about your role beyond CEO, team and self management, and decision-making for growth.

Peer roundtable discussions focused on leadership and growth challenges gave Outliers attendees the chance to talk candidly and share solutions with one another | Photo by Kieran Kesner for Endeavor

Coming out of Outliers, many of the attendees echoed sentiments that the event had inspired them to find further inspiration among their peers in the Endeavor network, aspire to be bigger than they were today, and commit to becoming a better leader.

“It was incredibly valuable to connect with other Outliers. The opportunity to meet with investors, who were thoughtfully paired, added to the richness of the experience,” said Amir Barsoum, founder and CEO of Egyptian healthtech company Vezeeta.

As part of the event, Endeavor Entrepreneurs also had the opportunity to attend the Endeavor Investor Network gathering for a day of networking and curated 1:1 meetings, and the Endeavor Catalyst Annual Investor Meeting, where they heard from Silicon Valley tech leaders such as Reid Hoffman, Patrick Collison, and Eric Yuan, as well as peers in the network who have brought Endeavor Catalyst into their financing rounds.