Five Years of Crazy is a Compliment

Endeavor CEO and Co-founder Linda Rottenberg’s first book “Crazy Is A Compliment: The Power of Zigging When Everyone Else Zags” was released five years ago this October, bottling 17 years of insights and anecdotes from her work with nearly a thousand of the world’s best high-impact entrepreneurs. 

The book appeared on the New York Times bestseller list and has now been published in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Korean and Japanese. 

In “Crazy Is A Compliment,” Linda expresses the idea that entrepreneurship is not just for entrepreneurs anymore. Whether it’s an employee at a Fortune 500 company, a nonprofit, or a mom-and-pop shop, everyone needs to think and act like a changemaker in order to create their own success stories. She draws on her unique experience to show readers how they can take manageable steps to achieve their dreams, utilizing an insightful blend of inspiring stories and practical tips for getting started, going big, and going home.

Here are a few tips for entrepreneurs of all stages that Linda shares in the book:

Don’t Be Afraid to Close Doors

One of the worst pieces of advice is to perpetually keep your options open, says Linda. You need to learn to close doors. While it’s true that sometimes it’s not possible financially to quit your day job, too often people try to hedge their bets by having a full-time job and trying to launch on the side. “Closing doors allows you the chance to go all in on your dream,” she said. 

Create a Startup Pre-Nup

Three-quarters of entrepreneurs launch companies with friends or family. And while legal issues or shareholder agreements are not always top of mind at the start of a business relationship, not having such an agreement in place is one of the biggest causes of failure. That’s why it is critical to formalize your partnership agreement ahead of time, Linda says. “It may seem awkward to explore a ‘startup pre-nup,” said Linda. “But trust me: If you’re going to start a business with those you love, have a plan if the love goes away.”

Form a Circle of Mentors

That image of self- reliance is irresistibly romantic, deeply entrenched, and completely  misleading. Far more than others in business, entrepreneurs need help. Lots of it. A survey we did of Endeavor entrepreneurs showed that in their opinion, the most valuable contribution to their success—outside of their team—came not from those who provided financing but from those who gave good advice. Innovation isn’t a solo sport. Form a circle of mentors, Linda advocates, from different industries and professions, and different points in their own careers. 

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