Endeavor Entrepreneurs Attend EY Strategic Growth Forum in Rome

Entrepreneurs from Endeavor offices in Italy, Spain, Turkey and Jordan attended and participated in EY’s annual Strategic Growth Forum in Rome, Italy, from February 9 – 10, 2017.

The conference, one of the largest gatherings of entrepreneurial businesses in the U.S., featured keynote speeches by business leaders, including Endeavor Entrepreneurs, and extensive networking opportunities.

Luca Rossettini of D-Orbit, Evren Baykan of Insider, Murat Demirhan of Meal Box and Ehab Alshurafa of ArabiaWeather.

During the event, Endeavor Entrepreneurs Aytül Erçil of Turkey’s Vispera and Veronica Pascual Boe of Spain’s ASTI spoke on a panel discussing new technologies vand impact on business model.

Endeavor Entrepreneurs Luca Rossettini of D-Orbit (Italy) and Murat Demirhan of Meal Box (Turkey), Evren Baykan of Endeavor company Insider (Turkey), and Ehab Al-Shurafa of Endeavor company ArabiaWeather (Jordan) also attended the conference. Access to the Strategic Growth Forum was part of Endeavor’s continued partnership with EY.