Endeavor’s Model Highlighted at the 2017 World Government Summit in Dubai

During his panel discussion at the the 2017 World Government Summit in Dubai, LinkedIn Co-Founder and Endeavor Global board member Reid Hoffman highlighted the importance of scale-ups to economic growth and Endeavor’s role in growing that ecosystem. He also reiterated his commitment to Endeavor Catalyst, Endeavor’s fund set up to invest in Endeavor Entrepreneur-led companies.

View Reid Hoffman’s remarks in full below:

While startups provide important technological invention to ecosystems, Hoffman said, “one of the things that we need to spread with entrepreneurship is also the understanding that the scale-up, and the scaling ability, is key, and that that’s part of what helps companies grow.”

In his one-on-one interview, Hoffman spoke at length to the ways in which governments can foster stronger scale-up environments and, as a byproduct, stronger economies. The key? Networks of mentors and like-minded founders that help companies scale and grow.

Citing Silicon Valley’s unique success as a case study, Hoffman indicated that dense networks that help companies find talent, customers, capital and expertise are an integral lever of high-impact entrepreneurship — and, in fact, are highly replicable.

“It’s these networks of learning — which I think Endeavor is one of the great ones — that essentially create entrepreneur opportunity,” said Hoffman, explaining why he dedicates himself to supporting initiatives, such as Endeavor, that foster interconnectivity between founders and innovative companies. “That ability to build scale, or what Endeavor calls high-impact entrepreneurs — which is massive companies with a lot of jobs and a lot of work — is actually in fact a more fundamental technique for building these very large companies.”

The World Government Summit, held February 12-14, is a global platform dedicated to shaping the future of government worldwide. The one-on-one question and answer panel posed questions to Hoffman about his successes and failures, what entrepreneurs should strive for, how governments can support economic growth, his vision of the future of the 21st century, and his personal mission to “help humanity evolve at scale.”