Endeavor and MetLife Foundation Hold Second Workshop for Endeavor Entrepreneurs

As part of a series of online workshops that Endeavor has launched in partnership with MetLife Foundation, Endeavor’s entrepreneurs in the Financial Inclusion sector participated in the second workshop of the series.

This workshop, hosted by MetLife’s SVP for Science of Marketing, Carlos Fonseca, took place in April and focused on marketing and innovation. Carlos guided over 20 participants from offices in eight countries worldwide to help them better understand their brand and customer experience from a marketing standpoint.

Carlos Fonseca

Read highlights and marketing tips from Carlos’ talk below:

“Consumers are becoming hyper-aware about the value of information they have and they are willing to give you that information in exchange for better pricing or better benefits. In every business, in every market, if you are able to demonstrate value to a consumer for sharing information with you, that consumer is going to share that information and exchange it for true value.”

“We measure emotion in function of the things we want consumers to believe about our brand. So as you think about what your company stands for, you need to think about what are the hallmark values of your brand and see if you are actually transmitting those with every single experience you offer.”

“Delivering value is a never ending journey. Even if you think you have the best product and you sold it to the right person, in financial services, the idea is to maintain that proximity to consumers with relevant opportunities and relevant services so that these consumers see that you care and that your brand knows them well.”

“You need organizational alignment. It is a good idea for all of the people working within your organization to use their own product. Make sure the whole organization has contact with the reality it creates for consumers.”