Endeavor Jordan Welcomes New Chairman and Vice Chair to Board

Amman, Jordan – December, 2016 – Endeavor Jordan’s board of directors has elected Walid Tahabsem as its new Chairman, and has named Nadia Al Saeed as Vice Chair. Both appointments have served previously as Endeavor Jordan board members. The appointments were made following a decision by Endeavor Jordan to begin rotating its chairperson position every three years. Endeavor Jordan also welcomed Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh, Chairman of United Cables Industries Company (UCIC), to the board.

Endeavor Jordan’s board of directors is comprised of Jordanian entrepreneurs and business leaders who are actively involved in supporting the organization’s efforts to advance the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. A full list of board members may be found here.

Outgoing Endeavor Jordan Chairman Ali Al-Husry (left) with newly-appointed Chairman Walid Tahabsem, and Nisreen Al-Husry

“I am honored to be leading Endeavor Jordan’s board of directors for the next three years, during which we aim to uphold our commitment to providing high-impact entrepreneurs with the guidance, mentorship and support they need to build their capacities and expand their businesses on the local, regional and international levels,” said Tahabsem. “Building on the achievements of Endeavor’s former Chairman, Mr. Ali Al-Husry, who played a pivotal role in bringing Endeavor to Jordan, we shall persist in offering the entrepreneurial services for which Endeavor has become known, striving to fulfill the organization’s mission of bolstering the country’s entrepreneurial scene and thereby contributing to its overall economic development.”

In turn, outgoing Chairman Ali Al-Husry stated, “It has been a pleasure serving as the Chairman of Endeavor Jordan over the past eight years, during which we have seen the organization take many strides forward in its efforts to accelerate entrepreneurship in Jordan. I am looking forward to continuing to offer my full support to Endeavor Jordan as a member of its board of directors, under the capable and trusted leadership of Mr. Tahabsem.”

Endeavor Jordan aims to catalyze sustainable, long-term economic growth and support the creation of employment opportunities in the local market by accelerating high-impact entrepreneurial companies that have a positive and tangible impact on society. The organization offers entrepreneurs access to a global network spanning 25 countries around the world, an unrivaled mentorship network, and other key resources.

About the newest appointments

Walid Tahabsem is the President and CEO of Integrated Technology Group (ITG), an international IT company with operations in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Africa, and the US. The company provides pioneering tech­nology-enabled solutions to education and public institutions around the globe with clients and users spanning 40 countries. Nadia Al Saeed has been Bank al Etihad’s CEO since 2007 and is a former Minister of Information and Communications Technology. Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh is the Vice Chairman and CEO of the Royal Jordanian Air Academy, Queen Noor Technical College, Arab Wings and Gulf Wings, in addition to his position at UCIC.

About Endeavor Jordan

Founded in 1997, Endeavor is a global nonprofit organization that supports high-impact entrepreneurs around the world by providing them with key ingredients to entrepreneurial success such as strategic advice and access to a world-class mentorship network. Through the guidance that Endeavor offers, entrepreneurs can tangibly impact their communities, generate new job opportunities, bolster their countries’ national wealth, inspire others to innovate, and contribute to private sector development. Endeavor Jordan was established in 2009 and currently supports 25 Jordanian entrepreneurs representing 17 companies operating within eight different, value-added sectors. Learn more at: www.endeavorjordan.org