Endeavor Detroit at Three Years: Bringing a Global Network to Michigan’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Launched in 2015, Endeavor Detroit released its first local impact report this month, highlighting the office’s success stories in the growing local entrepreneurship ecosystem.

At the time when Endeavor entered Michigan, the southeast region suffered from a scale-up gap, with the number of high-growth firms declining by 50% between 2007 and 2012. In the three years since its launch, Endeavor Detroit has worked to tackle just that — by leveraging the power of local mentors and Endeavor’s worldwide network to empower innovative Michigan entrepreneurs and ventures that have the potential to create employment opportunities and generate wealth.

“What Endeavor Detroit does best is taking entrepreneurs out of the day-to-day and talking about where they want to go and how they want to get there,” said Antonio Luck, managing director of Endeavor Detroit.

In the past three years, Endeavor Detroit has selected 23 entrepreneurs leading 13 Michigan-based companies. Together, these companies have created nearly 800 new jobs, raised $70 million in capital, and last year, generated $112 million in revenue.

Endeavor Entrepreneur Kyle Hoff of Floyd with Endeavor Detroit Entrepreneur Selection & Growth Associate Darren Riley | Photo by Kieran Kesner for Endeavor.

“The Endeavor Network opens your eyes to the innovation being driven by incredible entrepreneurs all over the world. It’s an amazing ecosystem,” said Kyle Hoff, co-founder and CEO of Floyd, an innovative furniture company producing high-quality, beautifully-designed pieces for an urban, mobile lifestyle. Late last year, Endeavor supported Floyd in its successful Series A funding round.

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