Endeavor Celebrates 20 Years of Supporting High-Impact Entrepreneurs in Chile

More than 120 entrepreneurs, mentors, directors and friends of the Endeavor network in Chile gathered on April 5-6, 2018, to celebrate Endeavor’s 20th Anniversary in Chile at the Endeavor Chile Annual Summit. During the event, which included included inspiring talks, networking opportunities, and an awards ceremony, participants reflected on Endeavor’s role in developing high-impact entrepreneurship in Chile and a vision for the next 20 years.

One of Endeavor’s first offices, Endeavor Chile proved the resilience and success of the Endeavor model, paving the way for high-impact entrepreneurship around the world. Through the work of its main office in Santiago, Endeavor Chile has played an integral role in building the city into a thriving entrepreneurship hub. Today, Chile as a whole has moved to integrate organizations like Endeavor Chile with universities, incubators, investor networks, and government organizations to provide entrepreneurs with access to mentoring and capital.

“This Summit was an opportunity to recount how Endeavor has grown in 20 years and how it has transformed the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said Endeavor Chile President Christoph Schiess. “Along with reliving our history, we wanted to look forward and plan our next steps to continue supporting high-impact entrepreneurs and position Chile as a regional reference for innovation, entrepreneurship, and contribute to the nation’s economy by creating jobs and improving quality of life.”

Endeavor Chile also announced that two Endeavor Entrepreneurs would join their board: Paula Valverde, CEO of Limonada, a children’s fashion company, and Mario Araya, CEO and founder of Kibernum, a software development company. Endeavor Entrepreneur Jorge Nazer also currently sits on Endeavor Chile’s board.

“Adding directors who have lived the challenges of starting a company and have vision for building is immensely valuable, and we are proud to have two new entrepreneurs in our Board of Directors. It is also evidence of the great potential of our local entrepreneurs who are impacting their own country and the world,” said Endeavor Chile Executive Director Maria de los Angeles Romo.

The celebration culminated by presenting awards to members of the network who contributed exceptionally toward growing and strengthening Endeavor Chile. Ariel Gringaus, Co-Founder of Colegium, received the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award; Eugenio Pies received the “Mentor of the Year” award; and Cristián Montenegro received “Volunteer of the Year” award.

As a special occasion to commemorate Endeavor’s 20 year presence in Chile, José Luis del Rio, Salvador Said and Alvaro Saieh were celebrated for their roles as Board Members and their commitment and continued support for Endeavor’s mission and success.

Read more about the event and view photos on Endeavor Chile’s blog, HERE.