’s Guillaume Pousaz to Join Endeavor Global Board

Endeavor is pleased to announce that Guillaume Pousaz, the founder and CEO of cloud-based payments platform, has been appointed to the Endeavor global board of directors.

Pousaz has been deeply involved in the Endeavor community since he was selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur at the International Selection Panel (ISP) in Cape Town in 2018. Since that time he has been an active mentor to Endeavor entrepreneurs, a panelist at several ISPs, a board member of Endeavor in the United Arab Emirates, a prolific angel investor, and an investor in Endeavor Catalyst.

“I’ve learned a great deal on my journey with over the past decade—and on our mission to enable businesses and their communities to thrive in the digital economy, I’m still learning a huge amount every single day,” said Pousaz.

“I believe it to be the responsibility of entrepreneurs to enrich and give back to the ecosystem, by sharing insights and connections. It is an honor and privilege to spend time with scaleup entrepreneurs who will shape the future and that’s why I’m so excited to serve on the Endeavor global board.”

Since its launch in 2012, has established itself as a trusted partner for thousands of global enterprises operating in industries such as ecommerce to fintech and crypto. It offers a full-stack platform to simplify payments for large enterprise merchants, with a global acquiring footprint, processing in over 150 currencies and dedicated teams of local payment experts.

“Guillaume has been an inspiration for the global fintech community and an aspirational role model for entrepreneurs throughout our network,” added Endeavor Co-Founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg.

“When we first met he was bootstrapping a payments platform out of London and Dubai. What he has achieved in these last 4 years is nothing short of remarkable – he’s re-set the bar for high-impact entrepreneurs around the world! Beyond his extraordinary achievements, we’re most proud of all the time Guillaume spends paying it forward via countless mentoring sessions with other founders.”

About Endeavor 

Endeavor is the leading global community of, by, and for High-Impact Entrepreneurs — those who dream bigger, scale faster, and pay it forward. Driven by our belief that High-Impact Entrepreneurs transform economies, Endeavor is on a mission to build thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems in emerging and underserved markets around the world.

Endeavor creates a Multiplier Effect by inspiring high-growth founders to dream bigger, supporting and investing in them to scale faster, and providing a platform to pay it forward — thereby compounding their individual impact.

To sustain Endeavor’s long-term operations in a mission-aligned way, Endeavor created Endeavor Catalyst — a rules-based, co-investment fund, set up to invest in the same High-Impact Entrepreneurs that Endeavor supports. Today. Endeavor Catalyst is among the world’s top early-stage funders of startups-turned $1B+ companies (“Unicorns”) outside of the U.S. and China.