Endeavor Mexico Maps the Multiplier Effect of Mexico City’s Tech Sector

endeavormexicoEndeavor Mexico released a report on the “Multiplier Effect” of tech entrepreneurs in Mexico City, mapping the connections between entrepreneurs and influencers who are shaping and influencing the local ecosystem. A key component of  Endeavor’s model, this multiplier effect demonstrates the power of entrepreneurs to mentor, invest and inspire future generations.

The map of Mexico City focuses on a few key connections –  the ability of successful entrepreneurs to multiply their impact through the pillars of inspiration, investment and mentorship. The study consists of six parts: an introduction, analysis of results, findings, case studies, in-depth interviews and conclusions.

The map found that in the early 1990s, there were isolated entrepreneurial efforts in the field of IT, some of which would scale up and become big players in the sector. Many of these early entrepreneurs, partners and founders would go on to launch second and third ventures. Beginning in 2003, Mexico City begins to form a robust ecosystem through the impact of entrepreneurs who were beginning to mentor and invest in other startups in their network. By 2014, the ecosystem reaches a peak. However, only 14% of these connections were investment-based, demonstrating a key challenge that still needs to be addressed in the ecosystem.

Learn more about the findings and read the full study in Spanish by clicking hereor download a PDF version here.


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