Endeavor Insight Report Spotlights Growing Entrepreneurship in Bogotá’s Tech Sector


Bogotá’s tech entrepreneurs have built over 100 companies and created thousands of jobs over the past two decades, according to a recent study by Endeavor Insight. With the support of Endeavor Colombia and the Omidyar Network, the research team interviewed over 200 tech entrepreneurs from more than 230 Bogotá tech companies and found that through inspiring, mentoring, and investing in one another, Bogotá’s tech entrepreneurs have underpinned the sector’s recent success. This study builds on Insight’s work identifying how entrepreneurship ecosystems develop and the central role entrepreneurs play in supporting one another and multiplying their collective impact.

In Bogotá, the study revealed over 300 personal and professional relationships among local tech entrepreneurs. Classified as one of five types – inspiration, mentorship, former employment, investment, or serial entrepreneurship – these connections allow Bogotá’s tech founders to invest their knowledge and resources into the next generation of entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs featured on the study’s map have at least one connection to another entrepreneur in the broader Bogotá tech network, demonstrating that the city’s entrepreneurs are not only focused on building their own ventures, but also on multiplying their impact by supporting fellow and future generations of entrepreneurs.

As Colombia’s economy continues to emerge, Bogotá’s tech sector will not only drive job and economic growth, but also position the region to compete on a global scale. Alex Torrenegra and Tania Zapata, founders of Bunny Inc. and Endeavor Entrepreneurs, are models of the high-impact entrepreneurship that is integral to the continued growth of the sector and Bogotá’s economy. With over 20 direct connections to other Bogotá tech companies, Alex and Tania have created a platform that younger entrepreneurs have used to launch their own successful ventures. This “Multiplier Effect” is a critical part of Endeavor’s model, and the study demonstrates that a handful of entrepreneurs have the potential to scale-up their businesses, invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs, and transform a sector and the broader economy.

Read coverage of the research in Colombia’s El Espectador and find the full report, including details on all of the key findings and a full visual map of Bogotá’s tech sector, by clicking here for English and here for Spanish.

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