Endeavor Insight Surveys the Multiplier Effect of Medellín’s Tech Sector

With the support of FOMIN and and the J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation, Endeavor Insight examined the tech sector in Medellín, Colombia. Developed in collaboration with Ruta N and Endeavor Colombia, the aim of this report was to map the behavior of tech enterprises, identify the degree of connections between entrepreneurs, and uncover the dynamics within the city’s ecosystem. The report makes recommendations for further strengthening the IT sector by advancing mentorship, inspiration and investment among entrepreneurs.

Published in December 2015, the study was conducted over six months through extensive interviews with more than 200 entrepreneurs. By mapping the connections between these the actors who shape and influence the entrepreneurial ecosystem, Endeavor was able to deduce the impact of founders on the tech economy and on one another. This publication is part of the series of “Multiplier Effect” studies on high-impact entrepreneurs that Endeavor has conducted in more than 20 cities worldwide, including Bogota, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, and New York.

The report ultimately found that high-impact entrepreneurship can be successful in unexpected places, given the right conditions and success stories. The growth of the IT scene in the city and the creation of new jobs in this industry are driven by a small group of enterprises, but many still need to reinvest their success in future generations. The willingness to “give-back” through mentorship or investment will be key to advancing the local ecosystem.

The report content and interactive maps can be viewed on http://www.medellintechmap.com or by clicking below.

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