Endeavor Insight Maps the Mexican Food Industry

Endeavor Insight has mapped entrepreneurship networks in a number of cities  around the world, from Cairo to Singapore to San Paolo, typically focusing on connections between tech entrepreneurs. Now, however, Insight turned to an unusual topic, and conducted research to map connections between fast casual restaurants in Mexico City.

Mexico City’s case demonstrates that restaurateurs are just like other successful entrepreneurs: when they reinvest their success in others, they create wealth and jobs in a local economy through a multiplier effect. As it turns out, the same phenomenon exists in Mexico City’s fast casual food industry, if at a different scale.

The report concludes that:

  • Fast casual and fast food restaurant companies in and around  Mexico City that were surveyed for this study have created more than 70,000 jobs.
  • Fast-growing companies like Alsea and Grupo MyT are critical job creators.
  • Jobs for kitchen staff and waiters can offer employees at these companies easily transferable skills.

To learn more, please access the full report in Spanish at http://www.dfcomida.com/.

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