#Emprendedora Endeavor

Watch some of our female entrepreneurs from across Latin America share their inspirational stories with the hashtag #EmprendedoraEndeavor. Special thanks goes to the Ghose Foundation for its support.

Susana Balbo, Argentina

In a country dominated by male winemakers, Susana Balbo stands out not only for her gender, but for her incredible skills and entrepreneurial boldness. She has been making wine since she earned her enology degree in 1981, and has probably produced a wider variety of wines than any other winemaker in Argentina.

Maristela Mafei, Brazil

Like all good business journalists,Maristela moved with market trends. Then she swerved from tradition and decided to capitalize on one. Swapping hats from a hunter of information to a supplier of it, Maristela launched a public relations agency at a ripe moment in Brazil’s business history — just as a batch of state-controlled companies privatized. Grupo Máquina, her firm, set out to provide these new clients with unique communication management methodologies, results measuring, an extremely proactive approach, and business expertise and professionalism.

Karina Von Baer, Chile

Karina comes from a traditional farming family in southern Chile. But her company is far from traditional. Created in 2004, Oleotop is the first rapeseed (salmon feed) processing plant in southern Chile and a rare example of high-growth entrepreneurship outside of the capital city of Santiago. The plant, located in one of Chile’s poorest regions, has stimulated a revival of the area’s depressed agricultural sector.

Gigliola Aycardi, Colombia

By integrating medicine, health, and fitness, BodyTech is “lifting” the health club standard across Latin America. In 1997, Gigiola and her co-founder Nicolás wrote the business plan for BodyTech as their MBA thesis; fourteen years later, BodyTech’s more than 100 gyms in Brazil, Colombia and Chile employ over 1,300 people. With plans to expand throughout Latin America and become a dominant fitness brand, the team's growth shows no sign of slowing.

Claudia de Heredia, Mexico

Co-founded by Claudia, Kichink! is an e-commerce solution that is designed and built to be as simple, personal and safe as possible. Its user-friendly one-stop platform allows anyone to start selling in minutes, without upfront investment. With more Mexicans connecting to the Internet every day, Kichink! responds to the growing demand for a simple and comprehensive e-commerce platform. By encompassing every step from online customer acquisition to final distribution, Kichink! facilitates operations for SMEs and large corporations alike.

Azucena Gutierrez, Peru

Disfruta is modernizing the juice industry in Peru by pioneering a chain of juice bars designed to appeal to sophisticated, health-conscious, consumers. Azucena and her brother Eduardo grew up in the fruit industry. Their parents sold wholesale fruits and their grandparents ran a juice-stand for 60 years. Working in the restaurant business instilled in them the importance of excellent service, superb ingredients, and watchful management. Disfruta now has over a dozen locations in Panama, Peru and Chile.

María Noel Ache, Uruguay

María and Federico, a mother-son team, founded AIVA TPA while she was working at Blue Cross Blue Shield Uruguay. The company began as an insurance broker and grew to provide Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) technology and services that reduce administration and market penetration costs for investment and insurance companies in the Latin American, Caribbean and Pacific Rim regions. Clients include Skandia, Allianz, Old Mutual, American Fidelity, BUPA, and Swiss Life.

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