Selected 2012

Zeev Katz

  • Current company TECSAÚDE
  • Location Brazil
  • Industry Healthcare

TECSAÚDE is poised to become the leading provider of healthcare engineering solutions in Brazil. Clinical engineering is the subset of biomedical engineering focused on hospital equipment management. Regular maintenance and troubleshooting are essential in maintaining the lifetime of a piece of medical equipment. TECSAÚDE is able to deliver a quick and efficient clinical engineering solution at a cost that is much less than the in-house alternative.

The company’s founders Sérgio Lomachisky, Zeev Katz, and Iliane Alencar are all natives of Recife and have extensive experience in the Brazilian healthcare industry. After the team launched TECSAÚDE in 1997, Sérgio and Iliane each received an MBA in hospital management from Universidade de Pernambuco.

While working in hospitals, all three entrepreneurs witnessed the constant difficulty of managing medical equipment. The team launched their venture in 1997 as a small consultancy practice. Until 2001, the entrepreneurs operated on their own, providing consulting services to hospitals in Recife. As demand grew, they realized they needed to expand. Today, TECASAÚDE offers hospitals in Brazil with 50 to 600 beds an affordable, high-quality clinical engineering solution that is fully operational within 30 days, allowing hospitals to focus on their patients. It provides solutions for hospitals that suffer from poor management of equipment by staff, long repair times by part-time clinical engineering providers, and costly in-house solutions. TECSAÚDE has grown from a small consultancy service to one of Brazil’s largest clinical engineering outsourcing providers.

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