Zanni Sabev

  • Current company MClimate (formely Melissa Climate)
  • Location Bulgaria
  • Industry Infrastructure & Utilities

MClimate provides affordable, easy-to-use tools that make temperature control more efficient for individual rooms and entire buildings. Its first product, Melissa, consists of a hardware device and mobile application that cuts up to 25% of ductless HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and AC) systems’ (window, portable, or wall-mounted air conditioners) energy consumption by adapting to users’ habits and controlling a number of factors (desired temperature, room humidity, and desired use intervals). Currently, Bulgarian-based MClimate has found traction across Europe and the Middle East, operating in over 14 countries and the company is on track to expand to 20+ countries. With over 4,000 devices sold, the company plans to grow through an aggressive growth plan split between several planned partnerships and the addition of new products to create a more comprehensive solution.

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