Youssef Chaqor

  • Current company Kilimanjaro Environnement
  • Location Morocco
  • Industry Infrastructure & Utilities

Kilimanjaro Environnement is at the forefront of the green energy movement in Morocco. The company collects used cooking oil (UCO) from restaurants and hotels, which it filters, treats, and resells to biodiesel manufacturers. It also resells fatty acid products to both biodiesel and feedstock production plants. The plants utilize a feedstock of second generation biofuel made from waste, rather than food products, which both encourages sustainable waste disposal and reduces pressure on food production. Having recently launched a pilot biodiesel production plant, Kilimanjaro now also produces biodiesel in house. The company’s process not only eliminates and treats waste, but also helps reduce CO2 emissions and find new ways to create clean energy.

Kilimanjaro offers a uniquely steady source of UCO – collected from an extensive network of hotels, restaurants, cafes, and factories – at a competitive price. The company complies with EU biofuel production regulations that mandate oil be both traceable from collection to delivery and reduce CO2 emissions by at least 30%. Kilimanjaro’s products reduce emissions by 80%, delivers proof of certification upon delivery, and provides clients access to a real-time product tracking platform. Kilimanjaro was named All Network’s “Arabia 500” fastest growing company in Morocco in 2012. The company is positioned to triple its revenue by expanding its international network of UCO suppliers and acquiring additional biodiesel production plants. Youssef plans to develop new networks in Tunisia, the GCC, and Egypt and extend collection to households.

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