Yousef Wadi

  • Current company Nestrom
  • Location Jordan
  • Selected For Nestrom
  • Industry Agriculture

Nestrom is an Agri-Tech company focused on digitizing farms by monitoring operations, workforce & environment from anywhere in the world by delivering high-end, easy to deploy agricultural software products and solutions. Through utilizing latest technologies, Nestrom enables farms to monitor their most important resources. Nestrom aspires to transform all farms into smart farms, and to empower the value chain for better traceability leading to higher ROI.

Yousef was first selected into the Endeavor network in 2015 as the co-founder of ArabiaWeather. As an Endeavor Alum, Yousef was eligible to pitch Nestrom to the local board members to be recognized as an Endeavor Entrepreneur again, and actively engage with the global network.

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