Yasukane Matsumoto

  • Current company Raksul
  • Location Japan
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

As one of Japan’s best-funded startups, RakSul operates an online portal that connects SMEs with printing needs to under-utilized brick-and-mortar printing companies. In addition to printing services, the company also provides design and delivery services. By innovating the entire print advertising value-chain (design, print, delivery), RakSul offers its 300,000 customers a 90% price reduction – enabling accessibility to a highly effective marketing tool. Founded in 2013, RakSul has raised a total of ~US$53 million in a country known for its weak VC funding. Applying cutting-edge IT innovations to a “legacy” industry, RakSul hopes to imprint its mark across Asia by supporting hundreds of thousands of underserved SMEs.

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