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Wences Casares

  • Current company Xapo
  • Location Argentina
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Wences Casares is an entrepreneur specializing in global business and financial services technology. As an entrepreneur, he has sold multiple companies for a combined total of more than $1 billion. Most recently Wences was the founder and CEO of digital wallet platform, which was acquired by Lifelock for $50 million in December 2013.

Prior to, Wences founded Lemon Bank, which was acquired in 2009, and Wanako Games, which was acquired in 2007. Prior to that, in 2000, Wences founded and then later sold online brokerage firm Patagon to Banco Santander for $750 million. Originally from Patagonia, Argentina, Casares also launched the country’s first internet provider in 1994.

Having grown up in Argentina and experiencing the country’s extreme inflation, Wences immediately saw the promise and utility of Bitcoin as a global currency. With Xapo, he plans to drive Bitcoin adoption and offer safe, secure, and convenient digital currency storage. .

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