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Victor Montero

  • Current company Onapsis
  • Location Argentina
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

When Mariano Nuñez Di Croce and Victor Montero discovered vulnerabilities in a key pillar of the world’s largest provider of ERP systems, they knew the had found an opportunity they could exploit. In 2009, the two founded Onapsis and began developing their flagship product, Onapsis X1. This shows clients how to reduce their risk of losing critical data, better enforce compliance and reduce auditing costs. The United States Army, Sony Electronics, and AXA Groups are early adopters.

Victor and Mariano began their expertise early. Victor studied at the University of Buenos Aires, and later joined an Argentinean cyber security consultancy. In 2004, Victor met Mariano, who joined his team at CYBSEC while studying at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional. He discovered several vulnerabilities in certain applications, and developed the first open source ERP Penetration Testing framework.

Through their research, the pair found that ERP systems security dealt well with internal compliance and governance requirements but were susceptible to hacker attacks because of it. In 2009, the two formally founded Onapsis, with the help of three researchers and developers they had worked with.

With Onapsis’ solutions, organizations can detect existing vulnerabilities affecting the ERP platforms that handle key enterprise processes such as invoicing, HR management, billing, and financial planning. The company’s success this year providing innovative solutions to global clients hints at their potential for growth.

Victor and Mariano have created an innovative product and are pioneering a new and highly critical dimension of ERP security.

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Onapsis, founded by Endeavor Entrepreneurs Mariano Nuñez and Victor Montero, is a leading business security solutions provider to

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