Selected 2012

Victor Devia

  • Current company Opendat
  • Location Chile
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

The Chilean mining industry represents a large percentage of the country’s GDP, and nobody understands this significance more than Victor Davia, a serial entrepreneur from Antofagsta. His most recent company, OpenDat, develops software that helps large mines mitigate security risks and cut costs by efficiently managing the day-to-day activities of its employees. Mines are often located in the middle of the desert, hours from a main city and their sources of electricity, water, food, etc. Serving a niche that is untapped by major software companies, OpenDat works with BHP Billiton, the largest mining company in the world.

Victor has been an entrepreneur in the mining industry for 24 years. He earned a Civil Engineering degree from the Universidad Catolica del Norte. After some time working as an entrepreneur, he founded OpenDat in 1994 with Luis Emilio. In 2005, they redefined the company and launched “SGCAS”, a software platform for employee management.

SGCAS, renamed UMBRAL in 2012, helps companies serve four goals: 1) store important background documents for new employees, 2) control employee access to facilities and vehicles based on security clearances, 3) ensure that employees receive their daily meals, and 4) ensure employees enter
appropriate dorms.

In an industry where safety and regulations dictate daily life, UMBRAL gives its clients control over data that was previously unmanageable. OpenDat has many of the fundamentals to succeed – the company solves a painful problem, it has rich customers, and Victor has a passion for product development combined with global ambition.

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