Veronica Pascual Boe

  • Current company ASTI
  • Location Spain
  • Industry Mobility & Supply Chain

Growing up, Verónica never assumed she would run the family business one day.

Studying in Spain, France and Norway for her elementary and high school years, she graduated from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid with a degree in Aeronautic Engineering. In 2003, she obtained her MBA from Collège des Ingénieurs of Paris and afterwards worked for French multinational construction firm Bouygues, where she focused on internationalizing the company’s human capital. Verónica then moved to London to work at a construction finance start-up, but before she could truly get settled, she received a call from her parents. Growth had stalled at ASTI – the family business – and they needed help spurring innovation. Confident in Verónica’s education and experience, they asked her to join the team, so she moved back to Burgos in 2004.

After this step, Veronica Pascual has led a comprehensive transformation process in the company achieving a significant growth in turnover, a huge boost in its internationalization and strengthening R&D processes to ensure technologically advanced and proprietary solutions. This process has conducted to, among others, signing strategic framework agreements worldwide for the automation of the intralogistics processes of several multinational companies in different sectors as Automotive, Food, Pharma, Cosmetics and Aeronautics industry

About ASTI:
ASTI is a provider of intra-logistics solutions, helping manufacturing companies streamline production in their factories. By offering automatic guided vehicles with customized software that meet clients’ specific requirements, ASTI cuts operational costs for its customers, allowing them to remain competitive. The company focuses heavily on R&D by allocating 20% of annual revenue toward product development. Already serving big clients such as Volvo, Puegeot, and Airbus, ASTI’s potential client base reaches over US$30 billion in value. Currently present mostly in Europe, ASTI is looking to expand its commercial efforts in Latin America and the United States.

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