Veronica Pascual Boe

  • Current company ASTI
  • Location Spain
  • Industry Mobility & Supply Chain

Verónica Pascual Boé, ASTI TechGroup CEO, is an Aerospace Engineer by Universidad Politécnica (Madrid), MBA by CDI (Paris) and Exec. Master in Positive Leadership & Strategy. She speaks 5 languages and has been living in 6 countries.

Relying on a solid international technology and management education, Verónica began her international career in a multinational leading company in the construction sector (Paris, London). In 2004 she joined the family business, ASTI, through different positions within the company. At the end of 2006 she became CEO and in 2008 she bought the company by acquisition of 100% of its shares, a turning point that marked a new path and direction for the business. At the moment, she leads a group of companies linked to the digital transformation of the sector, headed by ASTI Mobile Robotics Group.

Additionally, from 2016-2018, Veronica was the President of the Industry 4.0 Commission and Vice-President of Talent Development of AMETIC (Electronic and TIC’s Companies Association).

About ASTI:
ASTI Mobile Robotics Group is an international engineering firm that designs, manufactures, implements and maintains driverless vehicle systems (AGVs – automated guided vehicles) for the automation of internal logistics processes and production in the manufacturing industry. ASTI is not only an enabler of the Industry 4.0; automating plants in 4 continents of industrial sectors such as automotive, food, cosmetics, pharma or aeronautics – but also a manufacturer of connected products that works with a clear strategy to offer more and better services of connectivity and integration with its customers, predictive maintenance, performance analysis, and more. In parallel with its technological strategy, ASTI leads its Talent 4.0 Strategy with a platform of 4.0 education programs, on-the-job training and support for the transformation of its clients’ skills, searching to create and develop the skills needed to meet the growing digital economy.

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