Selected 2011

Valentina Valverde

  • Current company Limonada
  • Location Chile
  • Industry Retail

Over the past 26 years, the Valverde family has been providing Chile’s boys and girls with fun, innovative, and fashionable clothing under the Limonada brand – and after a lifetime of closely observing their parents, Paula and Valentina Valverde are finally at the helm of the family business. The company now operates three brands (Limonada, Maite, and Black and Blue) that focus on three distinct markets. By treating its young demographics as customers with their own discerning tastes, the company has managed to develop a following in Chile that boomed after the sisters took over in 2005.

Paula and Valentina’s interests have made them complementary business partners since their days as students. Paula received a degree from the Universidad Diego Portales, and Valentina pursued a degree in clothing design from the Universidad Tecnológica de Chile. Further, the sisters spent time working alongside their parents and learning about the family business.

Until the sisters took over, the company consisted of one clothing line. Upon heading the company, they opened standalone Limonada stores and outsourced manufacturing production to India and China. The model soon proved profitable, and the sisters continued to expand the company.

Through the three brands, Valverde Norambuena is able to provide three different niches with fashionable items based on in-house designs. All three brands are sold at standalone stores, as well as Chile’s major department stores and small regional retailers.

Paula and Valentina work together as a great team and have an extraordinary passion and drive for such young entrepreneurs.

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