Uri Cohen

  • Current company Niu Sushi
  • Location Chile
  • Industry Food & Beverage

NiuSushi is providing the best sushi experience through premium ingredients and technological efficiency. The restaurant chain delivers a premium product and maximizes the number of satisfied customers by tracking every metric in real-time – from each store’s inventory of rice to the number of minutes it takes for each chef to make a sushi roll. With centralized administration, vertically integrated supply chain from Asia, and standardized quality control processes, NiuSushi wants to establish itself as a chain with international franchises.

The founders are twins Alan and Jack Schoihet, their childhood best friend Uri Cohen, and their cousin by marriage, Paul Kisiliuk. Alan and Jack have always been interested in the food industry. They all were frustrated with the poor quality of fast-casual restaurants in Chile, and realized that sushi was easily transportable, nutritious, delicious, and potentially lucrative. Alan, Jack, and Uri started NiuSushi in 2009 with US$16,000, and within a year generated US$1.9M from one restaurant. Paul soon joined the venture as New Business Development Manager in 2013 to drive technological innovation.

NiuSushi strives to offer affordability and the highest quality good to its customers. They internally developed an online platform, which improves customer satisfaction, and separates them from their competitors. They ensure top quality by securing exclusive contracts with premium Asian distributors of sushi ingredients and partnering with top fish suppliers.

Alan, Jack, Paul, and Uri are four young and energetic entrepreneurs who identified an opportunity to integrate technology, innovation and upward mobility within a very traditional industry.

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