Tinashe Ruzane

  • Current company FlexClub
  • Location South Africa
  • Industry Fintech

FlexClub is a car rental platform for ride-hailing drivers that offers them a flexible path to car ownership. To acquire cars, the platform partners with people who own cars, or are looking to buy cars, with the intention of earning passive rental income from those cars. These Vehicle Partners lease the vehicles to FlexClub, which in turn rents the vehicles to ride-hailing drivers on a “Drive-to-Buy” plan. FlexClub takes full responsibility for all insurance, maintenance and fleet management, ensuring the Vehicle Partners are completely passive. Today the company operates in South Africa and Mexico, as a preferred partner to Uber, supporting drivers in achieving their dreams of car ownership. The company plans to unlock vehicle access and ownership opportunities for more than 100,000 drivers across Africa and Latin America over the next 5 years.

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