Tiago Dalvi

  • Current company Olist
  • Location Brazil
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

In Brazil, the landscape of online marketplaces is very fragmented, with no clear industry leaders like Amazon or eBay. The largest players—B2W, Via Varejo, MercadoLibre—account for 23%, 16%, and 15% respectively, with the rest of the market distributed amongst many other players, Amazon included. In this environment, small and medium businesses (SMBs) want to sell their products on many different online marketplaces, but struggle to navigate the complexities and bureaucracy that come with interfacing with so many different marketplaces (e.g. signing contracts, managing payments and logistics for each marketplace, etc.). Olist solves this problem by connecting SMBs to Brazil’s various marketplaces and allowing them to manage products, inventory, pricing, fulfillment, customer service, and catalog in one single place.

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