Thomaz Srougi

  • Current company dr.consulta
  • Location Brazil
  • Industry Healthcare

dr.consulta provides high-quality, low-cost, and prompt medical consultations, exams, and low-complexity micro-procedures to the 150 million+ uninsured Brazilians. With a gap of 800 million consultations every year, Brazil’s healthcare system is failing its people. dr.consulta is the only affordable network of outpatient medical clinics focused on the bottom of the pyramid in the country. The company currently serves 20,000 people per month in its eight clinics and intends to have 100 clinics throughout São Paulo by 2018 and treat three million patients annually. With digitized records for all of its patients and a proprietary technology platform that automates scheduling, results, and follow-up processes, dr.consulta’s potential is beyond providing services to Brazil’s medically homeless. The company has a vision for being a pioneer in virtual medicine and impacting medical research and preventative medicine through digital data collection.

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