Tatsuo Suzuki

  • Current company Magnamed
  • Location Brazil
  • Industry Healthcare

Using the latest global technologies, Magnamed provides hospitals and other treatment providers with critical care equipment that is more affordable and effective than competing products. Tatsuo, Toru, and Wataru became frustrated by the lack of adequate equipment for treating many intensive-care patients. In 2005, they set out to develop more cost-efficient, simple, yet technologically sophisticated equipment. The company has developed four products, all related to lung ventilation, and all of which are compact, light, durable, and easy to use for those working with critical care patients. Its products include a lung ventilator testing device, a portable lung ventilator system, and stationary and infant-specific lung ventilator solutions.

Magnamed’s technological innovation was made possible by the use of a Pneumatic Integrated Circuit (PIC), an integrated system of valves that allows the company to consolidate manufacturing processes and create a more compact lung ventilation system. PIC enables Magnamed to offer hospital networks products that are 50% cheaper compared to devices on the market.

The deep industry expertise of Wataru, Tatsuo, and Toru gives them a competitive edge in an otherwise consolidated market with established global competitors. In addition to their current product portfolio, they are also eyeing the anesthetic and vital signs equipment markets.

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