Tarik Fadli

  • Current company Algo Group
  • Location Morocco
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

Algo Consulting uses its patented biometric technology delivered through electronic kiosk (e-Kiosks), to instantly notarize and print documents that Moroccan citizens need to work, go to school, get married, or buy a car or a home. Retrieving these documents used to take months and now it only takes three seconds. Where fraud used to take years to be resolved, e-Kiosks can verify a citizen’s identity with 99% accuracy within seconds, making fraud nearly impossible to commit. Algo beat out international tech leaders to win a citizen registration contract for Guinea Conakry, worth US$175M over the next 15 years, netting Algo up to US$55M in profits. Just days later, the governments of Cameroon and Mauritania requested citizen, voter, customs, and visa registration solutions from Algo and its e-Kiosks. Algo will scale across the MENA region to secure $220M in revenues by 2027, and help restore trust between Morocco and its citizens.

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