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Tarek El Nazer

  • Current company The Bakery Shop
  • Location Egypt
  • Industry Food & Beverage

Egyptians Tarek El Nazer, Basel Mashhour, and Sameh El Sadat, created Delicious Bakery in 2008 as the first bakery to target Egypt’s upper class. The entrepreneurs are building their business through three sales channels: retail stores branded at The Bakery Shop (TBS), “Delicious Bakery” corners in supermarkets, and a B2B service which provides bread to Subway and other restaurants.

Tarek attended the American University in Cairo, and spent two years at Citigroup before working at his family’s business. Basel played on Egypt’s water polo team in the 2004 Olympics, and graduated from AUC. Sameh, also graduated from AUC, and worked in finance afterwards. In 2008, the trio decided to open an upscale bakery shop.

The entrepreneurs set about learning the business from scratch. By the end of 2008 purchased bread making machinery and hired a baker. They also visited a bakery exhibition in Paris, after which they tested their products and finalized their menu.

By October 2008, they partnered with Delicious Inc. (not affiliated with DB). The entrepreneurs opened a store in a more premium location. In 2009, they launched TBS in a trendy Cairo neighborhood – the store was a hit, and they quickly opened more.

To capitalize on its infrastructure and expertise, DB expanded its product lines to include a B2B delivery service for restaurants and cafés, as well as a supermarket delivery service.

Tarek, Basel, and Sameh’s drive to make their business a success serves as a lesson to those that think innovation can’t come to traditional markets.

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