Tania Zapata

  • Current company Akily
  • Location Colombia
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

Traditionally, the process of finding voice actors for a project took weeks and could cost thousands of dollars. Using Bunny Inc’s VoiceBunny and Voice123 online platforms, buyers anywhere in the world can find professional voices in less than ten minutes. Between the two platforms, a database of 135,000 voice actors have submitted more than 3 million auditions. Producers ranging from the small and independent to Pixar and Pandora have hired voice talent through the platforms.

A patented algorithm called “SmartCast”streamlines the audition process by automatically sending audition invites to the talent best suited for each project. VoiceBunny, the world’s first Application Programming Interface (API) for human voice, allows buyers to contract a voice actor without an audition. The platform has processed over 10,000 projects to date, including Buzz Lightyear’s Spanish voiceover for Toy Story 3, the MTV Music Awards, and Amazon audiobooks. Voice123, the world’s first and largest marketplace for voices, currently processes more than 400 projects daily and is monetized through a freemium subscription model.

Bunny Inc. has established its reputation for efficiency and quality and has achieved a market leader status. By dramatically lowering the cost and time to acquire a voice, Bunny Inc. is opening the market to new verticals such as real time blog voicing, mobile application and game narration, and interactive audio advertising.

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