Sira Perez de la Coba

  • Current company Shazura (Formerly, Shot&Shop)
  • Location Spain
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

Shazura’s Image Recognition technology, called the “Google of Images”, has revolutionized and solved the pain points affecting Visual Search. Shazura has transformed a 30b image recognition market by delivering a disruptive approach of patented AI without machine learning, transforming visual search to real-time at scale.

Shazura Visual Search SaaS solutions provides a new way to describe and compare billions of photos/videos to find the identical and similar ones with no vocabulary nor classifying techniques, instantly recognizing images/videos of any nature, with high-accuracy, speed and complete flexibility. Simply put, Shazura’s technology is the solution for industries tackling and make sense of a large and exponentially growing rate of images / videos.

As applicable to any image/video-driven industry, Shazura has initially focused on “Visual Search as a Service” for all image/video-based clients, ​increasing engagement with market leading conversions via visual-based recommendations that provide immediate accurate visual discoveries without cold starts.

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Sira Perez de la Coba, founder of Shazura (formerly Shot & Shop), was featured in Bloomberg Business for the company’s

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