Silvio Aragão

  • Current company Avantia
  • Location Brazil
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

Avantia is revolutionizing Brazil’s security industry. The comprehensive security technology company, founded by childhood friends Silvio Aragão and Eduardo Ferreira Lima, is improving the security market in Brazil by integrating all of the latest security technologies and delivering solutions systems through a monthly fee. The service mitigates its customers’ security spending while also reducing citywide theft and homicide. So far, data suggests that this system is correlated with a significant reduction in murders.

Silvio and Eduardo have been successful from a young age. Silvio received his degree in electrical engineering, after which he opened his own IT facilities company. Eduardo completed an MBA in finance, and began several small businesses, in a diverse range of industries. After serendipitously running into each Silvio, Eduardo decided to invest in his friend’s company, Argao Engineering. The two soon realized that there was an opportunity to get involved in the security market and thus changed the company concept to focus on security. And so, Avantia was born in 2008.

Avantia uses the most advanced security systems in the world from ten different suppliers – including facial recognition, video surveillance, and movement sensors – which are integrated with its proprietary system. The company has built a control system where police and security technicians work together to spot security breaches before they occur. Avantia not only keeps cities safe but also creates significant jobs.

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