Shahriar Khodjasteh

  • Current company Dubai Desert Extreme (DDE)
  • Location UAE
  • Industry Retail

Dubai Desert Extreme (DDE) is poised to become a leading distributor and retailer of action sports equipment and apparel in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Founded by brothers Shahin and Shahriar Khodjasteh, DDE has not only brought internationally recognized action sports, lifestyle, and bicycle brands to MENA, but has also fostered the growth of this culture in the region.

These brothers take action sports to the extreme. Born and raised in Australia, they moved to Dubai in 1995. They quickly realized that there was a lack of recreational equipment, infrastructure, and education for action sports enthusiasts, compared to the plethora of action sport complexes in Australia. Having earned degrees from the American University of Dubai and the University of Dubai, respectively.

They began by opening a tiny store in the Mall of the Emirates, but struggled when the 2008 economic crisis hit. They were quick to identify opportunities in regional distribution of sports apparel and equipment, winning exclusive rights from big brands and driving revenue growth. DDE has garnered high profile brand partnerships due in part to its marketing expertise, going above and beyond expectations when it comes to promoting brands and their merchandise.

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