Sergio Bertucci

  • Current company Bertucci Uniforms
  • Location Brazil

Star Think Uniform’s custom-designed collections combine high fashion and functionality to ensure that employees always look their best. Founded in 2005 by Milena and Sergio Bertucci, Star Think Uniforms designs unique collections that reflect its clients’ brand, mission, and overall strategy. Since its 2005 origin in a 70-square meter production facility, the company has outgrown five additional plants and now outsources production. In the next few years, Star plans to introduce new business intelligence tools and a proprietary clothing sizing technology.

The company responds creatively to the needs of its clients, which span industries such as health and beauty, entertainment, commercial aviation, and healthcare. The company currently works with 34 clients with projects ranging from 1,000 to 200,000 pieces a year. With its “just in time” supply chain model, strong supplier relationships, and outsourced production, Star Think delivers on projects more quickly and cheaper than its competitors. Milena and Sergio plan to improve processes, accelerate client acquisition, strengthen brand equity, and develop a management team in order to sustain continued growth.

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