Sebastian Saverys

  • Current company Stevia One
  • Location Peru
  • Industry Agriculture

Extract from the stevia plant has emerged as the natural calorie-free alternative to sugar’s connection to heart disease and obesity, but its mass production in China (95% of the world’s stevia) is tarnished by chemicals, child labor, and pollution. Sebastiaan Savery founded Stevia One as the “complete” sweetness solution, naturally isolating stevia’s sweet-tasting glycosides on an industrial-scale that’s cheaper, environmentally friendly, and socially impactful. Targeting the $80 billion world sweetener market and 90% of global food trends toward natural products, Sebastiaan’s broader goal is to make every step in Stevia One’s production chain add value to constituents, from the farmers to the consumers and the land surrounding them, as it becomes the largest producer in Latin America.

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