Sang Beng Ng

  • Current company Aemulus Holdings Bhd
  • Location Malaysia
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

Aemulus is a product that tests semiconductors to ensure they are working correctly. Semiconductors are the electrical circuits that make any computerized device function – from cell phones to jumbo jets. With the smartphone invasion, the tester phase of semiconductors has become the bottleneck to production. Aemulus designs and produces testers that reduce the overall cost of testing semiconductors.

A native of Penang Island – dubbed Malaysia’s Silicon Valley – Sang Beng always dreamed of making a mark in the Malaysian tech space. After graduating from the Malaysian Technological University with a degree in electrical engineering, he joined Altera Corporation, an American manufacturer of digital circuits. He was applauded for his entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic. He left Altera in 2004 to start his own company focused on semiconductor software. Along with four other engineers, Sang Beng developed a tester from scratch for a local semiconductor manufacturer. The Aemulus team continued to develop their prototype.

As a relatively recent market entrant with close relationships, Aemulus has excellent insight into the demands of the market. Its agile nature allows it to respond before its larger, more established competitors. The company has a diversified set of ten manufacturers that it can rely on to deliver the testers in a short amount of time.

Sang Beng’s journey is one that will inspire young engineers in Malaysia, which is traditionally dominated by foreign multinationals and lower-value activities.

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