Salomon Stroh

  • Current company Taximo
  • Location Colombia
  • Industry Mobility & Supply Chain

The taxi industry in Colombia is highly fragmented and inefficient with most taxi owners controlling only one to five taxis. Taxi owners are burdened with volatile income and an enormous administrative load. Taximo releases them from the hassle of operating a taxi by covering the back-end of operations and helping them with everything from purchasing a taxi and hiring drivers, to tracking vehicles, performing maintenance, and obtaining insurance. The company’s clients are either owners with previous taxi owning experience or first-time investors looking to purchase a taxi as an alternative investment option. Taximo makes 10% of total taxi sales per month and offers taxi owners a fixed monthly fee of roughly US$800. Over 400 clients across four Colombian cities trust Taximo with their taxis, letting Taximo do the work while they get returns on a reliable investment.

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