Ryan MacVoy

  • Current company DWM Holdings
  • Location Detroit
  • Industry Smart City

In the archaic lighting industry, DWM shines brighter than the field. Lighting manufacturers across the USA, specifically for street lamps and light poles, rely on labor-intensive processes and lack any semblance of company culture. This translates to slow project completion (lead times), poor customer service, and the inability to easily share information with other stakeholders in the production chain. DWM Holdings leverages innovative technology solutions and is overhauling the standards for company culture in the manufacturing space to streamline antiquated processes and offer a seamless ordering experience. DWM Holdings’ four brands manufacture steel and aluminum light poles for the commercial and industrial market. Today the company boasts 86% on-time deliveries (vs. industry average of 75% and an increase from ~65% for DWM) and its lead-time average is 3.8 weeks (vs. 4-8 week industry average and historical average of ~6 weeks for DWM), producing a partner satisfaction rate of 4.6 out of 5.

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