Roy Nasser

  • Current company NeoAssist
  • Location Brazil
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

NeoAssist, software with the goal of simplifying the relationship between companies and their consumers, was founded by Albert Deweik and Roy Nasser in 2001. Since childhood, the two have had an entrepreneurial spirit. When they were 12 and nine, respectively, the pair started a pre-internet connection for people to download files and chat via phone lines. Later, they founded, a search engine that aggregated the results of Brazil’s search engines. While running this company, both men pursued business degrees from prestigious top schools. Running also allowed the two to understand the complexities of customer service.

Roy began developing a beta version of an automated customer service platform that allows companies to improve customer satisfaction by 35%, while also reducing the cost of customer service by 30% to 70%. This service became known as NeoAssist. The 2001 launch did not go as well as planned, so the pair reconvened at the end of 2008 and re-launched the software. By securing an account with Sack’s and seed funding from Luiz Chacon, an Endeavor Entrepreneur, the debut was a success! The product’s platform improves clients’ relationships with their customers while decreasing the operational cost. The Q&A solution solves approximately 80% of customer issues without the need for human intervention. NeoAssist’s technology can automate up to 70% of answers.

Both Roy and Albert have shown a dedication to entrepreneurship. By improving customer service in the country, they not only help their clients, but thousands of Brazilian consumers as well.

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