Selected 2012

Rogério Gabriel

  • Current company MoveEdu
  • Location Brazil
  • Industry Education & Talent

Since 2004, Prepara Cursos has educated and trained young Brazilians in the lower to middle classes in vocational courses at franchised educational centers around the country. The company has helped increase the number of qualified employees available for hire – an important ingredient of growth in a market that has seen millions of company vacancies go unfilled each year.

Rogério Gabriel was inspired to become an entrepreneur after years of watching his family run their own coffee distribution business. He pursued a degree from the University of Campinas, and worked at two IT consulting companies before embarking on his own venture. He went on to found a venture specializing in developing and selling software.

After the dot-com crash, Rogério was forced to reevaluate his business model. He realized that Brazilians entering the workforce, particularly those with a lower level of education, had a harder time adjusting. He saw an opportunity offer IT courses to the youth of Brazil’s lower income classes so they could secure jobs. To mark this shift in strategy, Rogério changed the company’s name to Prepara Cursos and opened an educational center in 2004. As students inquired about different types of courses, he began to partner with education specialists and used his software development expertise to create computer-based courses.

Today, Prepara Cursos offers courses divided into four mains groups: computers, business/services, languages, and industry-focused. Prepara Cursos’ individualized teaching methodology, in which each student completes their course on an individual computer, makes vocational education convenient and affordable.

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