Rodrigo Iafelice

  • Current company Solinftec
  • Location Brazil
  • Industry Agriculture

In response to the expected population-driven demand growth for food produced more sustainably and efficiently, Solinftec has developed a set of tech-solutions including proprietary hardware, telemetry communications, and a SaaS platform that helps farmers track and monitor the progress of their operations, in real time, helping them avoid mistakes, decrease costs and become more efficient. This enables them to increase the efficiency of their operations, resulting in decreased costs and pollution and increased yields. With the company’s IoT platform, smart black box installation on agricultural equipment, and its AI virtual assistance technology called ‘Alice,’ it has built its reputation on making several crops’ (sugarcane, soybeans, cotton, corn, wheat, grapes, orange, coffee, among others) operations digitized and more efficient. Today, Solinftec serves large international growers, including the top 10 Global sugar cane producers, dominating over 60% of the Brazilian sugarcane market. The company also holds a dominant position in agtech solutions for row crops in Brazil and sugarcane in Latin America, and is quickly growing in the US. In 2019 Solinftec started working very closely with 3 of the top 5 Ag Co-ops and Retailers, a combined 150 million acres in area of influence/reach. The company is also working successfully with over 35 small farmers in the US Midwest adapting its unique solutions to the smallholder’s needs.

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