Rodolfo Corcuera

  • Current company Aliada
  • Location Mexico
  • Industry Consumer Services

The largely informal domestic cleaning industry in Mexico employs 2.4 million cleaning professionals (1/9 of Mexican women), the country’s largest group of informal workers; however, it is marred by underage workers, minimal regulation or workers’ benefits, and a lack of alternative careers for low-income women. Aliada attempts to fix this broken US$8 billion domestic cleaning market with its web platform that allows clients to schedule on-demand appointments with pre-screened professional cleaners in under one minute. Through this process, Aliada enables the professional cleaners to receive the benefits of formal work, transforming informal domestic cleaners into trusted and valued aliadas (“allies”) of the home. Aliada currently dispatches over 150 professional cleaners and has coordinated over 30,000 services in only thirteen months of operation.

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