Roberto Cifuentes

  • Current company Great Process (G-Process)
  • Location Chile
  • Industry Infrastructure & Utilities

Copper production in Chile is a resource intensive process with extremely high costs and risks – the smallest error can mean a difference of millions of dollars in the value of the copper produced. Roberto Cifuentes’ star product, DXG-F7 additive, is taking the Chilean copper mining industry by storm. DXG-F7 makes the copper cathode production process more efficient and improves the quality of the copper produced, increasing its value by up to US$100 per ton.

Metal runs in Roberto’s blood. He grew up in the town of Chiquicamata, home to the largest mine of CODELCO and the world’s largest open copper mine. Roberto graduated from INACAP with a degree in technical illustration. He started a chair making business, and then a chrome-plating business once his first venture closed.

During a visit to a customer’s mine, Roberto realized that a chrome-plating process additive would improve the electrowinning process. He chose to break from the family business, and formed G-Process. After some hurdles, G-Process finally was able to win over clients based on DXG’s proven copper-purifying qualities. In further research, DXG has outperformed its competition in producing copper with lower sulfur content and smoother services, both attributes that increase its value.

Roberto is an asset to Endeavor Chile: his personal history is inspiring, serving as a strong example of an individual’s ability to achieve great things with perseverance and drive, and he is dedicated to giving back.

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