Selected 2010

Richard Dewing

  • Current company Cibecs
  • Location South Africa
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

About 60-80% of company data resides on desktops and notebooks, rather than on servers. A lost or damaged computer, a failed disk drive, or even just an accidental deletion can lead to lost revenues, lost customers, and a drastic decline in productivity. Founded in 2004 by Richard Dewing, Cibecs provides enterprise-wide, centrally managed, automated, and secure data protection and recovery services for desktops and notebooks. Its product, Cibecs Community, allows clients to quickly and easily recover lost data, reducing infrastructure utilization and optimizing bandwidth and storage usage.

Richard is young but experienced. Before Cibecs, he co founded and managed two other IT start-ups while earning his Bachelor of Commerce degree from Damelin. It was through one of his businesses that Richard saw an opportunity in the software industry. He noticed that professionals frequently lost critical data because of hardware malfunction.

After four years of selling proprietary software to SME’s through ECI, Richard’s first startup, he founded Cibecs. Cibecs Continuity is a centrally managed and deployed enterprise backup solution that allows companies to easily replace data when a desktop or notebook is lost, stolen, or needs replacing. It automatically backs up pre=specified data from the end users’ computer, and it allows systems administrators to remotely enforce data backup policies, relieving employees of the responsibility. All of the data is encrypted to ensure security. Data can be received in three easy steps, and Cibec Continuity can also produce reports through customizable dashboards, showing the level of backup in the organization.

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