Selected 2010

Ricardo Ferreira Nantes

  • Current company Portal Educação
  • Location Brazil

Ricardo Nantes taught himself HTML and then developed a website that changed his life. Now, he wants you to learn. In 2001, Ricardo founded Portal Educacao, an e-learning portal that offers stand-alone courses in several subject areas, as well as postgraduate courses and corporate solutions.

Ricardo started an Internet company from a region of Brazil known more for its cows than its computers. He was born and raised in Campo Grande, a rural state in southeast Brazil. He attended the Federal University of Mato do Sul. He taught himself how to code and launched a website for pharmaceutical content. By the time he graduated in 2000, he had a bigger vision in mind.

Ricardo transformed his pharmacy website into an e-learning portal. As traffic increased, Ricardo worked with academics to develop online courses in pharmacology. By 2005, he had assembled courses in 22 subject areas, including social sciences and technical subjects. Each subject is hosted on an individual website and is managed by a human “tutor” who specializes in the subject.

Portal Educacao has been able to attract new clients because its products are demand-driven and high quality. Unlike other e-learning companies, Portal Educacao conducts an Internet survey once a month to determine the most requested topics for study. No longer needing to share revenue with suppliers, Ricardo buys the content and the right to use it commercially.

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