Riath Hamed

  • Current company Balqees Honey
  • Location UAE
  • Industry Food & Beverage

Yemeni honey is one of the purest, most exclusive natural elixirs in the world: extracted from natural desert oases, it is made by bees that feed off medicinal plants and flowers, and have never been exposed to pesticides or preservatives. Balqees increases accessibility to the world’s most exclusive honey by supplying, packaging, and distributing it across the Gulf.

Founder Riath Hamed was born into a family of Yemeni origin and spent the majority of his childhood in the UK. After graduating from Hallam University he worked at an economic training center for Yemenis, and later as Managing Director for his boxer brother. They travelled the world for 11 years, after which Riath decided to retire in Dubai.

While in Dubai, Riath had a hard time satisfying his sweet tooth. He found is difficult to attain the Yemeni honey he loved as a child. Fed up with the frustrating, drug-deal-like process of attaining the honey, Riath travelled to Yemen to begin to secure honey producers for his venture. In 2012 he launched his first kiosk in the Dubai Mall.

Balqees sells the purest, most unadulterated raw honey available in the world market, with 20 different varieties. All 50 of Balqees’ beekeepers sell honey exclusively to the company, guaranteeing a stable source of high-quality supply.

Balqees confers important economic, social, and environmental benefits on suppliers and consumers alike. Economically, it is opening the cottage industry of honey production to the global marketplace, thereby stimulating job and wealth creation.

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